As a participant in the Dental HMO (DHMO) plan, you must select a primary care dentist (PCD) to coordinate your dental care. If you elect to receive care at a dental provider other than the primary dentist selected, you may not be eligible for coverage under this plan. Only emergency services will be considered for benefits outside of your selected dentistís office. Specialists will require a referral from your PCD. Your primary care dentist must be pre-selected and you will appear on a roster at the providerís office verifying your participation in the DHMO plan. You will also receive one ID card per family. Each family member may elect a different PCD. You may change your primary care dentist provided the request is made with Guardian by the 15th of the month for the change to be effective on the 1st of the next month (example, a change must be requested by October 15th for services beginning November 1st).

REGARDING EMERGENCY SERVICES: If you are out of the area (more than fifty miles from your general dentist) you should in all cases seek emergency treatment from any dentist as soon as possible to alleviate the emergency condition only.